Established in 2007, KDC Service & Maintenance is a growing division of Cirks Construction Inc.; providing more than 20 national retail customer brands with facilities maintenance services in more than 2,000 locations.  KDC Service & Maintenance can manage any customer store portfolio, from several store count to several hundred.  A large team of in-house technicians self-perform the majority of calls dispatched to KDC.  While the KDC team is stationed in strategic regions to ensure immediate response, KDC partners with an exclusive vendor network for specialized trades that enhance its blanket service coverage.

Multi-Regional Capabilities

California and Arizona Service Centers oversee Southwest customer markets

KDC Service & Maintenance can manage hundreds of customer stores

As a division of Cirks Construction Inc., KDC Service & Maintenance works with partner company KDC Construction to execute building projects and emergency rebuilds

Hands-on Management

Extensive backgrounds in the service industry

Trains field technicians and service providers to implement customer processes

Follows through with each service call, ensuring store personnel and client counterparts are satisfied that the issues have been resolved

KDC strives to create lasting partnerships by incorporating each customer’s individual business priorities.

Expert Service Technicians

Our in-house professionals self-perform a majority of our calls

Broad experience in service and repair

Stationed in strategic regions to ensure immediate response

Exclusive vendor network for specialized trades

Progressive Technology

Interactive software provides a real-time overview to management, technicians, and vendors to communicate scope, response, and completion while dispatching service calls

Each field technician uses smartphone applications for immediate retrieval of electronic workorder transmissions including customer locations and specific scopes of work

Our in-house support team is proficient in customer software systems such as eWorkOrder, Service Channel, VAWS, and Compass

24/7 Call Center

Day-to-day, off-hours, and emergency response

Scope of work is defined and placed in the right hands at the onset

Troubleshooting know-how; assists store personnel to solve simple issues before service technicians are dispatched

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General Contractor – Commercial Construction

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